6 things on my feed

This year, I’ve managed to weave in checking the news into my daily morning schedule. Everyday I’m inspired and impressed by what people and organisations in this world are doing. Here are my some of my favourite sites on my Feedly.

1. Mashable – news for the digital age

Mashable is a news site that is very much tailored for a digitally connected audience. Just look at their navigation bar – their top categories are social media and technology! This is where I learn about new technology, interesting startups and the general happenings in the digital world (eg there are A LOT of articles about Google Glass). There’s also international news with more traditional news, such as politics. There are always lots of new articles rolling in across different categories, so I only subscribe to the few categories that I’m most interested in.

2. Businessweek – keep up with companies and organisations

Read about what the leaders of the business world are doing – all their new campaigns and strategies. As a Business student, this is my number one source for case studies and real life examples.

3. Business of Fashion – analytical and opinionated view of the fashion business

Fashion news isn’t all about scrolling through pages and pages of pretty clothes and hot models. There are business and economic forces behind it all. I absolutely love  their Op-ed pieces by industry experts which offer an analytical and critical view of what’s happening in the fashion industry. Their Career articles about the lives of leaders in the fashion industry are also very inspirational.

4. Colossal art, design and visual culture

Who says that contemporary art is only weird blobs of paint ‘that my 5 year old could paint’? Featuring contemporary artists and designers, this is the place where I go for creative and artistic inspiration.

5. Broadsheet Sydney – where to go and what to do in Sydney

What new cafe should I try? What cultural events are happening this weekend? What’s a cool Sydney designer? After reading this site, you will be amazed by how cool and cultured Sydney actually is.

6. Relevant Christian living in the 21st century

Targeted for people in their 20s and 30s, this site features articles draw on the experiences and wisdom of other Christians in their lives. Lots of practical articles about dealing with relationships, stress, the future, etc. Warning – there are a lot of articles about dating/marriage/singleness (obviously a popular topic). They also update on current affairs.

I’m always open to discover more interesting and inspiring sites. What news sites are your favourite? And how do you reach them (apps or RSS feeder)?


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