For rainy days

rainRains Yellow Rain Jacket | Tibor Kalman’s Sky Umbrella | Longchamp Tote Bag | Hunter Bradwell Rubber Chelsea Boots

Rainy days make a mess of your face, clothes, possessions and plans for the day. These are my favourite items to greet rainy days with confidence and to not let the weather ruin your mood.

A bright yellow rain jacket can help get rid of the gloom and grey-ness of the rain. It also helps keep you safe and noticeable when cycling or lost in a crowd. At 165cm, Rain’s short rain jacket is the perfect length for me. It falls to about halfway down my thigh, which I think is perfect for protecting my upper body from the rain, without looking daggy. I also love how the material is light-weight so it fits quite nicely in a bag! There’s also an extra cap on the hood for extra face-protection for the rain. 

If rain jackets aren’t for you, a sky umbrella will help you to forget about the rainy weather and think of a bright sunny day. It’s the opposite of having a ‘rain cloud’ over your head.

The classic Longchamp tote bag is perfect for rainy days because it’s water proof and the full zip protects all your belongings. I love how lightweight it is – it makes my belongings feel so much lighter.

Walking around with wet socks and squidgy soles are not fun but I just can’t handle the weight and chunkiness of normal rain boots. To me, these Hunter Bradwell Rubber Boots are perfect.  I love their elegance – makes you feel sophisticated while also keeping you dry.


What are your favourite items for a rainy day? I’m keen to try them out.




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