For eating and drinking on the go


Living in Sweden, I’m preparing myself for cold dark winter days. As part of this, I decided I needed some sort of thermal for hot drinks. I was looking for something portable – light and small enough to fit in my small backpack. I was also looking for something microwave-friendly for when I need to reheat drinks or I want to warm up my milk in the same cup before pouring in my hot coffee. Discovered by chance, PLA Studio’s My Green Eco Drinking Can fit all my criteria in a cute and unique form.

As eating at university is expensive in Sweden, everyday I bring a packed lunch to class. This led to a lot of research into a lunch box. I needed something not plastic (no BPA please), microwave friendly (for when I bring leftovers) and easy and light to carry around. After much searching, I found the Compleat FoodBag as perfect for all my food needs – whether I’m eating a sandwich, fresh spring rolls or yesterday’s leftover rice or noodles.

Let me know in the comments what you like to use and what’s your criteria for choosing food and drink containers.


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