My view today [17.09.14 – 21.09.14] // what happened to my love for photography?

2014-09-17 Wednesday contemplating the real wealth of nations

2014-09-18 Thursday learning about the role of government intervention in economic development

2014-09-19 Friday thankful for the time and energy a washing machine saves me

2014-09-20 Saturday fika at home

2014-09-21 Sunday flea market

What happened to those days when I would carry my DSLR with me everywhere, snapping photos of everything and anything (much to the annoyance of my friends) and always challenging myself creatively? Those days were overcome by laziness and losing the magic of  capturing new sites and moments with loved ones.

But not for any longer.

In the quest to source blackmail material for a few birthdays, I recently went through all of the thousands of photos I’ve uploaded onto Facebook over the past 6 years. I re-discovered many treasured memories and moments, which I would have forgotten about if I hadn’t captured it with my camera – the people and places where memories were made and friendships were strengthened. I couldn’t believe how I had forgotten so many of the beautiful experiences which have shaped the person I am  and the relationships I have today.

I love photography. I love being able to capture all those simple and grand moments of life, which I would forget otherwise.

So here’s the new challenge.

One photo, every day.

A visual diary of daily life.

After I leave Sweden, I know I’m going forget a lot of it. The people I meet on the streets, what I learned in class, what the supermarket looks like – the small things that make up life. So here I am, capturing it everyday.

I’ve been taking crap photos lately, in my honest opinion. Looking through my recent travel photos, my photography doesn’t do justice to the beautiful and unique sites I’ve seen. I understand my photography technique but I’ve lost the creative spark. I’ve fallen into the snapshot culture of quickly taking a photo with my phone, without much thought about composition. Through this project, I’m looking forward to developing the ability to capture the everyday in a visually interesting way.

I hope to be able to find something interesting to capture everyday at least until I leave Sweden.

I’ll update this blog with photos once a week, but find me on Instagram or Tumblr for the daily update.

Please, I beg you, keep me accountable.



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