Art is for me // abstract expressionism. I just don’t get it.

Red – Mark Rothko (ca. 1960)

“I don’t understand it. A 5 year old could paint that.”

A common complaint about Abstract Art. People are so confused by Abstract Art. They say they don’t get it. They don’t see anything.
Well, that’s the point.
Just enjoy the visual delight of colours, shapes and lines for what they are. Stop trying to ‘understand’ it. Stop trying to connect art to the ‘real world’.
Pollock Lavendar Mist
Lavendar Mist – Jackson Pollock (1970)
Conventionally, the goal of art is to be a transparent window to the world. We’re always looking at how the artist has represented the world around him in his art. Abstract Art instead compels you to look at art as a material object in front of you – made of colour, shapes and lines. We’re enjoying art for what it is and removing it from the every day.
It’s not just objects, people or places that are beautiful. The colours, shapes and lines that compose what we see are beautiful too.
gallery art abstract
National Gallery of Denmark

‘Art is for me’ is a series where I hope to show you why I love art and why I think art is relevant and interesting to all of us today.

Disclaimer: Please don’t quote me for academic purposes as I am only using my own opinion and general knowledge I’ve picked up over the years. If you are interested in finding out more, message me and I can refer you to some properly scholarly resources.



  1. I can’t be sure, but wasn’t abstract art’s creation also took part in the rebellion against the institutions of art to challenge the meaning of art? To use all of the unconventional components of visual architecture such as pure lines and shapes and colours without tones to display a picture?

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    1. Wow nicely put! Sounds like straight out of an art history essay haha. Yeah they kinda followed on from Dada in challenging the meaning of art. They showed that art doesn’t mean painting the outside world. It’s quite ‘pure’ in that sense – they’re saying that art is the components of visual architecture.

      I love it 😀

      And you can also go deeper and consider the historical context – post-WWII (similar to how Dada is post WWI)


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