Art is for me // why I’m a Cubist painting

The Weeping Woman, Pablo Picasso, 1937

If I were to describe myself, I would say that I’m a Cubist painting. A fractured distorted painting, like the one displayed above. But why? Well let me explain both Cubism and myself to you.

1. We’re highly creative, but still very structured

The abstraction seen in Cubism was very different from anything previously seen in the art world. However, it still remains structured with its use of basic geometric shapes, as pictured below. This reflects how I like being structured and analytical (seen in my love for maths and planning), yet I also enjoy being creative and trying something different.

braque cubism

Houses at l’Estaque, George Braque, 1908

2. You have to look at us from multiple perspectives

Cubism interprets an object or a scene from multiple perspectives and viewpoints, and captures it in a single 2D painting (think next level Cezanne). For me, there’s a lot to me, with my varied interests. I enjoy art, maths, marketing, business, sustainability, and the list goes on. You can’t just view and capture me from one angle. There’s so much more to the story.

3. We’re challenging and make you think

Cubism challenges how you see objects and how they’re represented in painting. What is a realistic way to draw a person or street of houses? As seen by this blog, I enjoy challenging the norm and making people think. It’s very important to me that I stir those around me to think about their view on things such as world issues, culture and the meaning of life.


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